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About the Owner

Amy BarronAmy BarronAmy Barron, owner of Animal Tales , has a deep love and passion for the animals that share our planet. She is a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) by profession along with being the owner and primary presenter for Animal Tales. Her goal with Animal Tales is to raise awareness about the beautiful living beings that share our planet. She hopes to inspire respect, understanding and appreciation for the role that each animal has in our world through Animal Tales' shows and exhibits. She and her staff always promote positive interactions with the animals and never purposefully scare or encourage negative behaviors from the animals or the audience. Animal Tales also promotes responsible pet ownership and encourages conservation efforts locally and worldwide.

About the Company

Animal Tales was founded in 2009 as an LLC to promote animal awareness and educate all ages about nature, wildlife, conservation issues and responsible pet ownership.  We educate as we entertain with positive interactions between our animal ambassadors and our audiences.


Animal Tales is licensed for captive wildlife by both FWC and USDA. We are inspected on a routine basis to assure the animals are maintained in a healthy, clean and enriching environment.  


Many of the animals you will meet are rescued exotic pets adopted by Amy and her family. They have been rehabilitated, socialized and conditioned for safe animal interactions with the public.